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The Education Arcade     View
This site features information about the work of this "consortium of international game designers, publishers, scholars, educators, and policy makers who are exploring the new frontiers of educational media that have been opened by computer and ...

Entertainment Software Rating Board     View
"The ESRB is an independent board that has, with the support of the industry, developed a standardized rating system for interactive entertainment software products." This site describes the ESRB, provides consumer information about the content of co ...

Genre and the Video Game     View
This essay provides an overview with examples of the different types of video games, such as adventure, board games, driving, educational, fighting, flying, gambling, management simulation, pinball, role-playing, rhythm and dance, sports, and strateg ...

Milk Matters For Kids     View
"The games and activities on this page will help you to learn more about calcium, and why it's important for strong bones and healthy teeth."

Learn2 Play Checkers     View
"Checkers is a fun, simple game that's been around for hundreds of years. It's a good game for kids and adults to play together, and you can easily make your own board and pieces. The version of the game that you'll learn here is formally known as 'E ...

I Spy Books & Games     View
Do you like I Spy books and computer games? You can play I Spy on your computer here and even learn how to make I Spy pages yourself. There is also a page for parents and teachers.

The Beasty Game     View
Play the beasty game, "the oldest computer game." Think of an animal and see if the computer can guess what you're thinking!

BU's Inteactive Web Games     View
Lots of games you can play on the Internet, either alone or with someone else over the network. Minesweeper and more!

Yahoo! Games     View
" Play Java-based games on Yahoo! with people all across the Internet. All games are FREE and require NO extra plug-ins. " Choose from Board games, card games,word , fantasy and tile games.

Learn2 Play Chess     View
"The ancient game of chess has captivated players for hundreds of years. If you've always wanted to learn the game but felt daunted by the rules, relax: it's no more difficult to learn than many card games. Here's a short guide and full listing of th ...




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